The Man on the Porch

by Nazeeh Tarsha & the FloodShark

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An experimental spoken word piece with ambient indulgences. Made in collaboration with professional voice actor Nazeeh Tarsha (

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There lives a man
In the middle of nowhere -

Dry wind blows across the arid land.
A wooden house.
Battered and beaten -
A spirit to match.

There he sits, always looking out.
He seems distant,
A shell of his former self.
No one knows his story -
Not a single soul able to reach him.
Questions unanswered.

There are rumors of course:
A man chased out by unfortunate circumstance,
A girl in the woods,
Battered and bruised -
Accused of the misdeed.

Some say it was the war.
A man backed into a corner by those he fought for,
Driven mad, into desolation.

Others say he once loved -
A tragic accident that befell his beloved.

Each day, a new story.
Nothing joyous.
Just a man, now seemingly molded by fear, grief, and anger.

No matter the time,
No matter the day,
There will always be
The man who sits on his porch.


released July 11, 2017
Nazeeh Tarsha (vocals, composing)
The FloodShark (production, composing)




The FloodShark Florida

The FloodShark:
A Florida-based producer/composer turned carnivorous, fresh-water tolerant, cold-blooded, cartilaginous predator with an eclectic musical style.

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